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The First Bitcoin Journal includes a monthly forecast with weekly updates every Monday morning before the market open. Our journal gives you an overview of the current Bitcoin and Ether environemt, what the chart of Bitcoin and Ether look like and suggested trading solutions to make money trading Bitcoin and Ether tracking stocks so you dont get hacked and all your money stolen. We do it Bitcoin Smart buying or selling Bitcoin and Ether using ETF’s at your own US stock brokerage. You can do this with as little as $2500 and we suggest and IRA for tax deferred growth. We DO NOT recommend trading Bitcoin or Ether unless doing it at a US stock brokerage and doing it Bitcoin Smart with ETF’s. Get Bitcoin Smart and get our $19 one month trial, the $99 monthly service or the $899 annual service Questions? Contact us at 310-699-1416 or email Thanks for subscribing to the First Bitcoin Journal!

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