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What you get: our monthly journal on the 1st of each month with Bitcoin overviews, Bitcoin market technicals and a Bitcoin trade. We give you weekly updates to keep you informed on Bitcoin and when to get in and out posted each Monday before the market open. We trade Bitcoin in 20% increments so you can do every trade. We track our returns right on the Members Page for your review.

Our Investment Journals are designed to give insight, educate and help our investors and clients sift through all the misinformation in the media to make intelligent, informed investment decisions. First Bitcoin Journal This is our look into the crypto space providing Monthly and Weekly technical overview of Bitcoin. We look at the pro’s and con’s of various ways to invest in crypto and we provide a crypto trade each week that you can do in your own brokerage account without hacking risk and insured by the SIPC. Click to view previous newsletters: 
August 2022

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Investing in Bitcoin Vs Investing in Bitcoin ETF’s
Your Bitcoin can be hacked Vs Your ETF can’t be hacked
Stolen without a trace Vs Traceable if somehow stolen
Unrecoverable Vs Insured at your brokerage
Not shortable Vs Shortable
Need a Bitcoin broker Vs Trade in your stock account
No guidance Vs Professional guidance with Safety Harbor